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Design and Technology

Custom Design
An experienced design team of 2 industrial designers and a plethora of innovative solutions. 3D parametric modelling of concepts.

With a team of very experienced factory staff and equipped facilities for plastic fabrication technology (largebed routers, CNC, laser cutting, heat shaping, bending and vinyl cutting . We can make almost anything from perspex.

  Small Flower


Small Flower

Bending and Assembly


Big Flower

Laser cutting & engraving

CNC Large flatbed router


Cad Systems

Vinyl logo cutter


Professional Design Studio

Expo, Graphics and Display design

Design Technology Manufacture collaboration
Impressive Designs is commited to working with the leading-edge technologies for both manufacture and design communication. The approach has resulted in strong inhouse and collaborative teams of progressive full process based design systems whereby the entire quotation, concept, communication, manufacture, maintenance and transport process is accounteed for during the design phase. This reduces time and cost. It also ensures innovative designs and something trully unique for each client.

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